When purchasing a strata property in Perth it is difficult to work out what sort of things to look for, apart from the visual lifestyle type components that are obvious on your initial inspection.

The selling and purchasing of real estate always appears to be an emotional time so it is important to make your enquiries before the emotions get involved.

Be empowered! Get some help to obtain the information you require prior to getting emotionally attached to any future residence.

The agents and banks provide some of the following questions to ask:

  1. What is Strata Property?
  2. What will I own?
  3. Who is in charge?
  4. Can I renovate?
  5. Will I be forced to sell, or pay for things I don’t want?
  6. Are there ongoing costs?
  7. What are the levies?

These matters, and several others form part of the report provided by our office.