If I want to install an air conditioner or a pergola do I need approval?

Any additions to your lot may require written consent from the Strata Company, whilst others may require a General Meeting of the Strata Company to be convened for the matter to be formally discussed and agreed to.

The requirements for any additions will depend upon your particular Strata Plan, the boundaries of your Lot (do you own the roof, walls or windows?), and consideration of the bylaws of the Strata Company. You may also need Legal advice or documentation for submission to the Strata Company before the matter can be further considered.

In our experience, we have found that a written application (with drawings, photos and details), to the Strata Company, is a great way to start the process. The Strata Company (or their appointed Agent Manager) may provide a response to you advising of the process required to progress, or provide comment that you will need to seek legal assistance to progress your application.