A small Strata Company of 12 residential lots had a new owner occupier move in. Up until this time the communal pool area had minimal use by the elderly residents and was normally deserted by 6pm on any summer’s day. The new owner occupier had teenage grandchildren who liked to visit their grandparents and would use the pool (in compliance with the bylaws), with their grandad until later into the evening during summer. Numerous residents were not happy with the noise coming from the pool area after 7pm on a hot day, with their doors and windows open trying to catch the breeze. The pool signs did not indicate any opening or closing hours. The lighting in the area was found to be sufficient for the local shire to approve night time swimming, the bylaws of the Strata Company did not define any rules in relation to the pool use and contained “the Strata Company may make rules”. This did cause some anxiety and set a precedent within this small community, however they were able to sit and openly discuss the hours of operation of the pool. After discussions it was agreed to propose a bylaw at the next AGM to better define the use of the pool area and to ensure future conflicts were minimised.