Let Us Do The Research For You

We deliver a review and assessment of the Strata Lot, the Strata Plan and the books and records of the Strata Company.

We note, the inspection of books and records will require written authority from the Lot Proprietor. Once this authority is received we will arrange a suitable time with your Strata Company Agent Manager to attend and inspect the books and records in accordance with the legislation. (See Section 43)

Our Assessment Includes

  • Boundaries of the Lot

  • Parking Bays and Storage Areas

  • How does the Strata Company function?

  • What is the financial position of the Strata Company?

  • What are my levies and are there any proposed changes documented?

  • Is the property insured and has it been valued recently?

  • Annual General Meeting Minutes

  • Are there any major building works scheduled and how are they being funded?

  • Are there any recorded Building Defects?

  • Do the records indicate any current or pending litigation matters?

  • Has the Strata Company done any Maintenance Reports or Reserve Fund reports?

  • A copy of the Title, Strata Plan and any 2 other registered documents. All other registered documents will be made available at the Landgate search fees

  • Other general information available in the records in relation to:

    • Insurance
    • Bylaws
    • Pets
    • Parking
    • Security
    • House Rules or Emergency Procedures
    • Other matters

The evaluation of the Strata Plan and Bylaws do not require access to the Books and Records held by the appointed Agent Manager and therefore may be turned around within 2 Business Days if requested.

Our report can empower you to make informed decisions to save time, money and stress.

$495   standard strata report

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Our Services are independent. We have no affiliation with any Strata Company Agent Managers, Real Estate Agents or any other agencies.

The information contained in our report is composed from the information made available during the inspection of books and records of the Strata Company, and on reading the Strata Plan document and attachments.  Our report does not constitute legal advice and you may wish to seek legal advice in relation to specific matters.