The Strata Company Agent Manager is appointed to provide certain services to the Strata Company.

These services do not include providing approval for installations or additions to the property. The Strata Company is provided authority within the legislation to provide authority on some matters, with other matters requiring the Strata Company to convene a General Meeting of all owners to authorise and approve installations or additions.

A new door handle for an apartment door may seem a small issue however, there are other considerations such as

  • Is it a fire rated door?
  • If so, what further requirements will need to be met for this door handle to be installed?
  • Do any other doors have these same door handles?
  • Is there a standard door handle the Strata Company has previously approved or does the handle have to be the same as the original?

You may wish to do your own investigations in relation to the fire rating of the door and any other door handles installed at the complex. Providing this information to the Strata Company (or their Agent Manager) may allow the Strata Company to be better informed and it may speed up the process for you.