What about my pets? Are pets allowed? Our dog is 10 years old and weighs 15kg – will the bylaws allow for our dog to be kept on site?

Some bylaws attached to Strata Plans will provide very specific details on the keeping of pets. Some properties don’t even allow a bird in a cage without the written authority of the Strata Company.

A review of the bylaws would be the first step to see if anything has been registered in relation to pets. If you still aren’t sure, then maybe a formal written application to the Strata Company providing all of your details and those of your pet. The Strata Company Agent Manager may be prompted to provide a response to further clarify for you the process from this point.

Some bylaws will be specific on how pets enter and exit a complex, whether they are allowed on the common property areas such as grassed areas, and their behaviour within the complex. Make sure you are fully informed of the expectations in relation to the keeping of pets and being a responsible pet owner.